• Min. Line/Space : 40/40 ㎛ (InSmart 10S)
  • Min. Line/Space : 20/20 ㎛ (InSmart 20S)
  • Multi Layer Board, High Density Interconnection, Flexible PCB

To inspect MLB, HDI, FPCB, MLB, HDI, and FPCB, which are mass produced in the current market, optimized software and high-performance hardware is installed to maximize operational efficiency by minimizing virtual defects and realizing fast inspection speed.


– Capability to inspect various products enhanced by CSL lighting
– Reliable quality control process feedback provided via a clear UI
– Through fast model change preinspection convenience enabled
– Strong resistant to environmental changes such as external vibration and temperature
– Easy scalability

Tool Size(mm) Weight(Kg) Pneumatic(㎏/㎠) Power
1,200(W)*2,300(L)*1,750(H) 2,400 5~6 220V,Single Phase,50/60Hz,3.5KVA
Max. Product(mm) Thickness(mm) Inspection Capacity Min.Line(um)
650*610 0.05~3.0 30S: >10.0,      20S: >20.0,     10S: >40.0
* The above specifications may differ from the actual product, hence please contact us in advance.
* Tool size can be increased depending on the key board, monitor, tricolor, etc.