InSmart GM

  • 2um defect inspection capability
  • 700*800mm
  • LS = 3um/3um

Optimized for PCB Glass Mask inspection that can maximize defective detection of a mask through Gigavis’s specialized metrology based algorithm.


– Checking bad image through optical confirmation system
– Transmission / Reflector illumination Device
– Convenient defect management via designated defect viewer
– Transmission / Reflector illumination Device

Tool Size(mm) Weight(Kg) Pneumatic (㎏/㎠) Power
1,350(W)*2,350(L)*1850(H) 3,500 5~6 220V,Single Phase,50/60Hz,3.5KVA
Max. Size(mm) Min. Size(mm) Product Thickness(mm) Min.Line(um)
700*800 100*100 2~13 >3.0
* The above specifications may differ from the actual product, hence please contact us in advance.
* Tool size can be increased depending on the key board, monitor, tricolor, etc.