GigaVis Participated in the 2008 KPCA SHOW

The KPCAshow 2008 IEPshow2008 exhibition, hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (KPCA) and KWA EXPO Co., Ltd., will be held from Wednesday, April 23, 2008 to Friday, It will be held at the Seoul COEX Exhibition Hall.
KPCAshow 2008 IEPshow2008 is the largest PCB related exhibition in Korea. It is the key to the rapidly changing and developing electronic industry in the world, and provides PCB industry and its employees with advanced technology introduction, technology transfer opportunity and various information. It is a big event held annually in order to contribute to accelerating technological advancement and upgrading domestic equipment.
KPCAshow 2008 (International Electronic Circuit Industry Exhibition) / IEPshow 2008 (International Electronics Packaging Industrial Exhibition)
2008. 4. 23 (Wed.) ~ 4. 25 (Fri.), 3days
10:00 ~ 17:00
Seoul Samsung-dong COEX (COEX)Exhibition Hall
Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
Korea Electronics Industry Association (KPCA)
Keiwa Expo Co., Ltd.
Small and Medium Business Administration
Korea Electronics Industry Promotion Association
Korea Electronics Industry Cooperative

WECC – World Electronic Circuits Council Member Associations
JPCA – Japan Electronics Packaging and Circuits Association
CPCA – China Printed Circuit Association
TPCA – Taiwan Printed Circuit Association
IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries
EIPC – European Institute of Printed Circuits
HKPCA – Hong Kong Printed Circuit Association
IPCA – Indian Printed Circuit Association
GigaVis’s booth number is L column 117.
Thank you for your interest and visit.
Please contact us at the number below and we will send you an invitation.
Thank you.

031)285-8503 Contact Person: Seo Ran

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