2009 KPCA Exhibition Participation

KPCAshow 2009 (KPCAshow 2009) and KIEPshow 2009 (KPCAshow 2009) organized by KPCA, KWA EXPO Co., Ltd. will be held on April 22, 2009 by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy. It will be held at the Kintex Exhibition Center in Ilsan, Goyang City, for 3 days from Wednesday to 24th (Friday).

KPCAshow 2009 / KIEPshow 2009 is the largest and most specialized electronic circuit and packaging related exhibition in Korea. It introduces advanced technology and technology transfer to the PCB industry and SMT industry workers, which are the core of electronics industry. This is a big event held every year in order to contribute to the advancement of technology advancement and the upgrading of domestic equipment through the opportunity of providing various information.


Schedule Topic Presenters
4. 22 (Wed.) 11:30-12:20 [Keynote Speech I] China Electronic Industry Outlook China Printed Circuit Association
13:30-14:20 Semiconductor Substrate Material Technology and Development Trend Doosan Electronics BG Co., Ltd.
14:30-15:20 Technology Trend and Prospect of Electronic Circuit Board for Electric Field JPCA / SemiConsultant
15:30-16:20 Development Trend of Eco-Friendly Electronic Circuit Board JPCA / Technical Relations
4. 23 (Thurs.) 10:40-11:20 [Keynote Speech II] Mobile Phone Electronic Circuit Board Trend and Future Outlook LG Electronics Co., Ltd.
11:30-12:20 Technology Road Map of Semiconductor PKG Substrate JIEP / Interconnection Technology
13:30-14:20 Latest Technology and Market Trend of Embedded Board JIEP / Interconnection Technology
14:30-15:20 System Semiconductor Substrate Market and Future Technology Forecast Amkor Technology Co., Ltd.
15:30-16:20 Next-Generation Optical PCB Technology Trend Electronic Components Researcher
4. 24 (Fri.) 10:40-11:20 [Keynote Speech III] Semiconductor PKG Technology Trend and Substrate Forecast iMAPS / Samsung Electronics
11:30-12:20 Electronic Circuit Board Filling Technology Trend iMAPS / Hongik University
13:30-14:20 New Process using Ink-Jet SEM Electric Co., Ltd.
14:30-15:20 Latest Trend of PKG Board Reliability Evaluation Technology SungkyunKwan University
15:30-16:20 Manufacturing Technology Trend of Rigid-Flex Board New Flex


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