Mid-size Company News(On-Site Report) GigaVis Co., Ltd. CEO Kim Jong-Joon

CEO Kim Jong Joon GigaVis Co., Ltd. 
“The Secret of Being World’s Best is Unremitting Research & Development.”

The world’s top secret is constant research and development”

“Perpetuity is the most important for a company. In order to survive intense competition, we must secure differentiated competitiveness. ”

GigaVis Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Jong-Joon), a small company with 30 employees, is a small but strong company that surpasses the top companies in the world in optical inspection equipment for semiconductor substrates, ranking first in the world.

Gigabyte’s technology has received high praise for being awarded the top prize of the Bronze Tower Industrial Medal in the recently held SME Technology Innovation Competition.

Kim Jong-joon said, “Owing to the small size of the company I never thought we would be honored with the Bronze Tower Order of Merit.” It seems to have been well received that the semiconductor substrate inspectors account for more than 90% of the high-end (high-quality) I was proud of my technology.”

Mr. Kim was an engineer engaged in automation equipment development at SEMCO. In 1998, he was the first to develop an automatic optical system that automatically inspects printed circuit boards (PCBs) in Korea.

Kim established GigaVis in 2004 with 5 researchers who participated in the development together with the aim of becoming the world’s best company specialized in automatic optical inspection machine, and started business management in earnest.

Mr. Kim said, “Semiconductor-related tools cost hundreds of millions of won per unit and are directly related to the quality of semiconductors.”

However, Kim’s enthusiasm and GigaVis’s technological prowess have been the foundation for overcoming such difficulties.

GigaVis has developed the world’s first product capable of automatically inspecting 8μm (micrometer) semiconductor circuit boards. We are already ahead of the market in the situation where the highest level of mass production board is 10 μm.”

Kim said, “An advanced company that produces the world’s best semiconductor substrate has tested our equipment and recognized our technology as the main optical inspection machine of our company.”

GigaVis has become the world leader in just four years after its establishment, accounting for 15% to 20% of the global market and 90% of the high-end market.

Kim said, “When I first participated in an exhibition held in Japan in 2005, people did not know that I was from a Korean company.” “GigaVis’s brand awareness and value have greatly increased in four years.”

Kim emphasized that “the equipment industry is a very competitive market that is hard to survive unless it is the first place,” and Kim emphasized constant technology development, saying, “Everything can be relieved at the moment of relief.”

Kim said, “GigaVis has researchers who have accumulated know-how on factory automation for about 15 to 20 years.” After achieving the top position in the world of automatic optical inspection equipment for semiconductor substrates, we have recently developed a winding machine for rechargeable batteries. We plan to continue to develop one or two new items every year.”

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